Winter wedding inspo


Like many, we’re exceptionally fond of the vibrant, delicate and breathtakingly beautiful florals that come out to play in Spring and Summer. We love the fluffy, full-headed coral peonies and perfumed peachy pink roses, and it’s such a joy and privilege for us to have so many colour and flower options to choose from during these warmer months. We also know, however, that this versatility means couples can be a little hesitant to explore the possibility of a Winter wedding.

Just now entering the tail-end of Autumn, we’re so excited about what’s to come over this cooler period! There’s a whole lot of potential – the flowers are hardier and longer-lasting, and the backdrop of a blistery, moody Winter season can be just as, if not more picture-perfect for a fun and incredibly romantic celebration of love. There is still so much fun you can have!
Below, we’ve collated photos of some of our favourite and most memorable Winter weddings in years gone by. We hope they inspire you like they do us.
Dried and textural
A more limited colour palette doesn’t necessarily mean dull.

THINK: neutral, woody accents, and masses of wheat, bunny tails, dried fan palm and sweet baby’s breath. So elegant!

Dark and dramatic
The cooler, cosy months lend themselves to intimate settings with soft lighting, rich colours, and luxe fabrics.

THINK: velvet furniture in sapphire, deep emeralds and dusty pinks, long brass candlesticks, antique rugs and flowers in every shade of burgundy.

Foliage, foliage and more foliage
Sometimes, the simplest ideas pack the most punch.

THINK: Native greenery in muted tones, and leafy hanging installations to make a big statement.


Photography: Keegan Cronin, Nicole Butler, Hungry Hearts Co, Popcorn Photography and Little Black Bow

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