We now own Peppers Creek Barrel Room & Chapel!


So, you may have noticed on our socials that we’ve been doing a few rather inconspicuous shoots at Peppers Creek Barrel Room & Chapel recently…

Aside from it being a beautiful venue (which is really is), there’s another reason why Peppers Creek has become a particular focus of ours – Jade and her partner, Pete, are the new leasers! They are SO excited and have been bursting to share this news for weeks now. Obviously, they’ll be offering in-house florals and styling, but they are open to working alongside other florists and stylists too.

Interestingly, Peppers Creek is also one of the first venues Jade started working with all those years ago, and her affinity with it is one of the main reasons she made the decision in 2006 to focus her biz exclusively on weddings. It’s an incredibly special place, and everyone here at JMFS feels it has a lot of potential.

We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Photography: Little Black Bow

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