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Wedding stylist vs florist: we're both!

Photography: Stories With Mel

It's no secret we love flowers. We can and often do talk about them all day and every day - we could probably even do so under water if the situation called for it. But we're also very passionate about wedding styling. It brings us so much joy to start from scratch and create something truly personal and magical for our beautiful couples, especially those who understandably feel a little overwhelmed by growing To-Do lists. We know it can be tough to make the big decisions, as well as the small ones, and sometimes one (albeit very special) day just doesn't seem enough to fit in or bring together all your fabulous ideas.

As florists, we're here to ensure your wedding flowers not only meet but exceed your expectations - we're responsible for knowing what's in season and suggesting what will work with your colour palette and budget, making early morning trips to the market to source and carefully transport your gorgeous blooms, and liaising with your other vendors to create an unforgettable and cohesive look.

As stylists, however, we also think about so many other little details - and this excites us greatly! From the moment you and your guests set foot in your venue to the time everyone leaves, we know it's important that your vision or vibe or whatever it is that best reflects you as a couple is executed seamlessly. Whatever you want your wedding to look and feel like, we are more than happy and willing to make happen. We also appreciate that this 'look and feel' will be different for everyone, and we understand that it takes time and energy and thought to develop such a concept. Of course, lots of couples really enjoy taking care of these aspects themselves, and in these instances we are there as curious and happy onlookers. For those who perhaps aren't all that organised though and would like to shorten their To-Do lists, we've got you covered! Our inventory of hire items is ever-expanding, with candlesticks, vases, lighting, table linens, signage, arbours and structures, and furniture (the Audrey velvet chairs are our personal favourite). At the end of the day, we just want everything to look awesome! Consider us the eye for detail that casts the finishing touches on the aesthetic and atmosphere of an event.

Below are some of our best-loved weddings that we've styled over the years. Have a scroll :)

Our dusty pink velvet lounge at Caves Coastal - Photography: Rope and Pulley
Mood lighting at 48 Watt St - Photography: Gunvor Eline
Vibrant pops of red in vintage brassware at Stanley Park - Popcorn Photography
Elegant high frames at Margan - Photography: Little Black Bow

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