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Q&A with the JMFS team

Photography: Fox & Fern

To kick-start what is sure to be a fun and flower-filled spring/summer wedding season (and bid adieu to months of lockdown!), we thought we'd quiz the JMFS team on all things floristry! The questions aren't exactly hard-hitting, but they are playful, interesting and diverse - just like our team. Hopefully they allow gorgeous JMFS couples to get to know us all a little better too.

Here's to freedom, warmer days and beautiful spring flowers!

Photography: Little Black Bow

What is your favourite JMFS hire item?

Jade - So many! I've fallen for the terracotta linen napkins recently though, and have always loved our copper metal chairs (which are regularly used at signing tables). Our emerald velvet petal chair is stunning too.

Claire - Our triangle arbour.

Bethan - The new linen napkins are super dreamy.

Dave - Anything classic and expensive-looking!

Laine - The scandi bamboo lounge setting is so beautiful. I would steal it for my own backyard!

Brooke - I'm with Jade - I love the terracotta linen napkins.

Nash - The double peacock chair is currently my favourite.

Julie - Timber rounds as they look great with a jar of flowers.

Claudie - I'm hopping on the terracotta linen napkins bandwagon too!

Favourite JMFS wedding?

Jade - I'm going to go with Gabby & Matt out in the Watagan Mountains. It was the first after many months and reminded me why I do what I do and that covid will not beat me! Shedding a tear with the mother of the bride got me as well.

Claire - Anything at Circa 1876.

Bethan - Just before this last lockdown, we did a beautiful one at Fernbank Farm with lots of dried textural elements. So gorgeous!

Dave - Circa is always such a dreamy setting.

Laine - Amie & Matt - lots of textures.

Brooke - I loved Amie & Matt's wedding too. The table settings were so elegant!

Nash - Merran & Ryan at VAMP - the colours were bold and luxurious.

Julie - Too many to choose from!

Claudie - Merran & Ryan's wedding is my favourite as well. I just loved all the rich, moody colours.

Photography: Nat Salloum

Wedding style you like the most?

Jade - This has changed so much over the years but currently it's simplicity and warm, neutral reflexed roses. Pinterest always manages to draw me in on the rich autumnal earthy tones though!

Claire - I love a big colourful mix.

Bethan - I love whimsical, unstructured and romantic with a burst of colour.

Dave - Lots of colour for me as well!

Laine - Neutral tones and over-the-top luxe.

Brooke - I feel like this changes with my mood. Today, I'll say lots of layered linen with loose flower arrangements in autumnal tones. I'm also a sucker for a grungy/moody look.

Nash - I like lots of moody tones, latte-coloured napkins and black candlesticks. Lots of rich foliage and gold cutlery as well to make a bold statement!

Julie - Romantic and rustic with a splash of colour.

Claudie - Roses - everywhere! I'm always drawn to settings that look like they've been plucked from the English countryside or out of an expansive wild garden, too.

Dream holiday destination post-covid?

Jade - Well, this is a very long list and the more free time I have, the longer it gets. I have a postponed holiday to Kakadu and East Arnhem Land booked for August next year, and as soon as we're able to move outside our LGA I've planned a mini vacay to see the artesian bores in Lightening Ridge. Egypt and Jordan are still on my list as well!

Claire - Anybloodywhere!!

Bethan - How many places can I pick haha? Italy, Hawaii and then Bali on the way home.

Dave - Partying in New Orleans. I've been twice already and I can't wait to return!

Laine - My postponed honeymoon, then Hawaii or Fiji with our young kids.

Brooke - Spain, Italy or anywhere with cobblestone paths and little laneways.

Nash - Bali or Amorgos in Greece!

Julie - Second level of the Eiffel Tower. Failing that, WA.

Claudie - England (there's a definite theme emerging here!). As I live in Melbourne and work remotely, I'm itching to get back to NSW to see my family too.

Photography: Nathan Lapham

What TV show/movie makes you laugh no matter how many times you watch it?

Jade - A little controversial for some, but I love comedian Chris Lilley's Ja'mie. It cheers me up every time.

Claire - Vicar of Dibley. Love Dawn French!

Bethan - Gogglebox and Happy Gilmore!

Dave - Absolutely Fabulous.

Laine - Bridesmaids is always a good laugh.

Brooke - Definitely Friends. I don't know how people can hate this show! Chandler's dry humour is actually me haha... I just 'get' him!

Nash - I've been addicted to Schitt's Creek during lockdown.

Julie - Dad's Army. Parliament Question Time on ABC is always a riot too.

Claudie - Schitt's Creek & Friends. I think Moira Rose and Ross Geller are two of the cleverest and most effortlessly funny TV characters ever created.

What flower do you hope will always be in fashion?

Jade - Because of where we live and with more people experiencing Australian travel, I think there might always be a native element to floral creations here. That said, I'm currently looking outside the office window and the lilac has just started flowering. You can't beat its fragrance or beauty.

Claire - Dahlias - the size of big dinnerplates!

Bethan - A classic rose.

Dave - Avalanche roses, j'adore!

Laine - Roses. There is such a timeless romance about them.

Brooke - Roses for me too.

Nash - And me! I especially love Colombian quicksand roses.

Julie - Roses and orchids.

Claudie - Roses for me as well! I am constantly drawn to the classic red ones that have been touched by the gentlest hint of black/burgundy on their outer edges.

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