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Rustic, candlelit romance (with a heap of roses!)

These two gorgeous people met the good old-fashioned way - Tinder. What was originally meant to be a fun, short-lived fling, however, quickly turned into something much more serious (though just as fun!). Lisa and Darryl have been 'inseparable' since they met, and their unconventional love story is proof that happiness can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places.

It was a privilege for us to be a part of their twilight wedding reception at Peterson House. We especially loved the native greenery, moody candle lantern lighting and mass of roses - simple but so stunning! These came in the prettiest nude, pink and pale peach shades, and contrasted beautifully with bright neon signage and dark foliage.

Rustic gold accents and a dusty blue chaise lounge were the perfect, vintage-inspired final touches. It was an intimate evening bursting with love and laughter - everything you'd want for a celebration! Lisa and Darryl really are 'better together.'

Congratulations to the loveliest couple x

Photography: Adam from Cavanagh Photography

Venue: Peterson House

Neon lighting: Love Glows