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Wedding day advice from JMFS' Laine

This is a special one for us. Laine is part of our tight-knit flower family and her wedding day was exceptionally beautiful. We couldn't wait until she was back in the studio so we could quiz her about all the fun details!

Her love story began where many millennial relationships flourish - online. While Matt likes to remind everyone that she was the one to reach out on Facebook after meeting a few times through mutual friends, he's quick to follow up this gentle mocking with a sincere admission that he's forever glad she did. A couple of years and gorgeous kids later, they're married and so in love. Laine fills us in below!

All about their wedding day

I am heartbroken that you only ever get to do this once! Having children is life-changing and the best day on a very deep, soul connection level, but in terms of the happiest and most fun experience of my life - our wedding has trumped all else!

We were lucky enough to hold the ceremony and reception on a private property in Glen William, which is at the foot of a pretty river and nestled amongst endless acres of lush green countryside. The theme for the day was Romance X Bohemian Fields X Party - we just wanted it to be enjoyable for everyone and a real celebration of us as a couple.

Inside The barn had big, moody drapes hanging from the ceiling and there were a few tables and chairs scattered about. The styling was minimal but beautiful - sheer runners, French linen cloths, pink and nude taper candles placed in abstract cut stone pavers, single white roses in crystal bottles, and delicate flower arrangements in rust and blush tones. Personalised cookies and doughnuts, all-you-can-eat-pizza, and grazing stations kept our guests happy and their stomachs very, very full, and the photo booth and dancefloor were great entertainment.