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El Niño and the 2024 wedding season

Photography: Charlotte Exton

As if the past couple of years haven't been testing enough (thanks, in large part, to an unrelenting global pandemic and a very wet La Niña period), El Niño - a different weather phase that traditionally brings dry and extreme heat - is now underway in Australia. Enter: a very unpredictable 2024.

While this means that the next few months will likely be a lot warmer and marked by severe fire danger, it doesn't automatically signal disaster for weddings. We promise! There are still SO many exciting and truly magical things about our upcoming spring and summer (hello sweetly perfumed peonies, striking dahlias and the biggest, happiest sunflowers!), and there are always people on hand to help execute contingency plans should the rising climate crisis threaten to wreak havoc on your big day.

Below are our top tips for wedding planning during El Niño.

Ensure your ceremony and reception locations have adequate shade and sustenance for your guests

Stinking hot weather needn't ruin such a special and memorable occasion, but it's a great idea to plan ahead if it's looking like your wedding day is going to be much warmer than hoped. While you can't control the temperature, you can absolutely get creative and help keep your loved ones as cool and comfortable as possible. Vintage paper parasols, refreshing drinks, and a fun gelato cart are a few ways to beat the heat!

Look after any furry friends in attendance too

Pets are like family, so it's just as important that animals coming to (or starring in!) your wedding have access to lots of water and shade.

Trust your team of vendors

We are all here to bring your dream wedding vision to life. Every single one of us is invested in making your day really personal, romantic and unforgettable - rain, hail or shine! At Jade McIntosh Flowers and Styling, for example, we often make amendments to your floral arrangements and other styling props so everything you've planned and paid for can still be utilised. It is also common for venues to have extra staff onsite, just in case back-up plans for extreme weather need to be enacted.

It's important to note too, one of the silver linings of COVID-19 is that businesses in the wedding industry are now a lot more accommodating to these last-minute changes. Many, if not most, have updated their policies so couples are presented with options should something unforeseeable happen with La Niña, El Niño, or whatever Mother Nature throws us at next.

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