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Bouquet breakdown: Kelly + Lachlan

Wow. If ever there was a wedding bouquet that screamed 'magic', it's this one! Kelly's flowers transported us to a faraway land - moody, mystical, and undeniably alluring. They were so much fun to put together and we're just obsessed with the eye-catching hints of gold. We think the richness of the purples, deep reds, and turquoises added a little sparkle and complemented Kelly's unconventional and elegant black dress too. As with all our custom bouquets, it was handcrafted with attention to every important detail (note: they all are!) and a lot of love.

If you're after something similarly special that's dripping in drama, we suggest taking some inspiration from Kelly's enchanted forest.

If we had to single out just one show-stopping element in Kelly's bouquet, it would be the luxe magenta phalaenopsis orchids. All of her flowers and foliages were so dreamy, but these black-tinted beauties provided a real focal point and interesting movement with their natural bends.

Sticking with this side of the colour wheel, cotoneaster berry and cherry red amaranth were also included in Kelly's large unstructured bouquet.

These vivid, blood tones were complemented by the gentlest touch of warm brown. Vintage-looking Colombian toffee roses are long-stemmed with unique creamy caramel colouring, and we peeled back their first few petal layers to reveal exquisite and very full blooms before placing them in Kelly's bouquet.

Pops of pineapple-shaped seaholly and greeny-blue preserved foliages added lots of contrast.

These brighter hues were not to be outdone, however, by dark cordyline leaves and midnight black preserved foliage. A couple of shimmer-sprayed anthurium leaves were the perfect finishing touch!

Photography of Kelly and her bouquet: Bec Peterson

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