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A little covid update from us to you

Photography: Zee & Cee Studio

Well, here we are again.. waking up to regular covid updates, lockdown reshuffles and changing mask mandates. While it very much feels like Groundhog Day, the team at JMFS are here to put your minds at ease with our own little update - a lot easier to digest and more enjoyable to read, promise!

Like many small businesses, we've learnt a great deal and really grown through these challenges (and there have definitely been a few over the last couple of years!). Now more than ever, we feel fully prepared to handle whatever this evolving situation throws our way. We can also appreciate just how stressful and confusing all this uncertainty is, particularly for couples planning their special day, and wanted to take a bit of time to try and allay some common worries and doubts surrounding the pandemic and weddings.

Crazy, last-minute logistical changes (and other reasons to hit the 'panic' button)

In short, these just won't happen with us!

We've temporarily made the decision to split florals and styling into two distinct teams to accommodate any unforeseen rises in covid cases this year. This will ensure that there will always be staff available to attend your wedding or event. There's 8 of us at JMFS too (as well as some backups), so there are plenty of people on hand to help.

Everything is constantly changing - how can we plan anything?!

It's true - nothing feels all that certain at the moment. It's frustrating, draining and a little nerve-racking! We've been managing these insane circumstances for almost two years though, and like to think that, if nothing else, the experience has taught us to remain positive and be solution-based.

For every wedding or event that's in our calendar, we have plans in place for worst-case scenarios. We also liaise directly with your venues and other vendors to make sure the lead up to your big celebration - and the celebration itself - run as smoothly as possible.

Anxiety on the day

Everything we do behind-the-scenes to make your set-up beautiful will always remain just that - behind the scenes. All you and your guests will see at your wedding are the most gorgeous flowers and styling (and not any of the work, adjustments or other bits and pieces that go into pulling off something truly amazing). We think it's also important to remember that 99% of people will be completely unaware of what's been going on, covid or no covid. The only thing that matters is that your space looks and feels really special!

A love note to other vendors

And finally, we know there are so many other businesses struggling to navigate these strange times. At JMFS, we feel so incredibly lucky to still be sharing in the joy. Times are tough but we are all in this together x

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