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Meet The Team


Jade Mcintosh

Creative Director

Jade is the heart and soul of our flower family and a big reason why we all love doing what we do. She opened her first florist shop more than 20 years ago and has since branched out from retail to focus exclusively on weddings and special events. It's her commitment, enthusiasm and never-ending supply of new ideas that's seen Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling become one of the region's most sought-after wedding florists, as well as one of the most enjoyable places for our tight-knit little team to work and spend time together. Her two gorgeous dogs, Alfie and Kito, are often in the studio too! When Jade's not artfully dodging the 'favourite flower' question (she has too many apparently!), she's getting out in nature or drinking many, many almond chais - or preferably both at the same time. 


As our bookkeeper, Jenny will keep you updated on any payments due or received. She lives deep in the Hunter Valley so we don't get to see her around the studio as much as we'd like, but she's actually the most senior member of our team - she's been with Jade since the very beginning! 

Jenny bookkeeper jade mcintosh flowers


Without Laine's friendly smile, kindness and exceptional organisation, Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling wouldn't run nearly as effectively as it does. She's an integral part of our small team, always earning a cocktail or her favourite herbal tea at the end of each week.


Claudie rejoined the team in November 2020. She first started working at Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling in 2013, before travelling around Europe and finally relocating to Melbourne. Her passion for flowers (coral peonies and lavender in particular) has never waned, however, and she now works remotely alongside Laine and Brooke. 

Laptop Work


Brooke is incredibly knowledgeable and the backbone of our brand. She's very creative too, and loves seeing what our florists come up with each week! Toffee roses and Anthuriums are her match made in flower heaven. You'll catch Brooke on our social media sharing all things flowers and styling!


Nash is the youngest member of our team, joining in November 2020. Before working at Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling, he had little interest in flowers but now feels very differently. He's partial to the classic rose but stay tuned, because this teenager is always changing his mind and contributing fresh ideas. We know he's going places!



Dave does a bit of everything at Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling - he provides moral support and "muscles" for a lot of the heavy lifting that's required at big events like weddings, goes on coffee runs, and is, in his words, a "surveyor of all things fabulous." We think he's pretty fabulous too! He joined the team in December 2020 and since then the Irishman has been soaking up every last bit of sun he can squeeze out of Australia's warmer months. 


Claire spent 7 years decorating Christmas trees for a living before learning floristry in the USA. She's been with Jade McIntosh Flowers & Styling for 3 years now and is our resident pom (who suspiciously does not drink tea!) and the go-to for all the final details that make each wedding so special and memorable. Being from the other side of the world originally, Claire has a real soft spot for Australian natives. She also has a soft spot for her adorable pup that's just learnt to play dead when shot at with a toy gun. 

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