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  • What does a stylist do?
    Very simply, we take care of all the bits of an event that you can see, to make it as beautiful as possible! We can take care of everything from the tables, chairs and furniture to crockery and cutlery to lighting to flowers and finishing touches. Our job is to take your vision for your event, and turn it into a reality.
  • What does 'full styling' mean?
    Full styling means we style your wedding from basically the ground up: furniture, cutlery, crockery, signage, props, flowers and more. How much styling you need us to do depends on your vision and, perhaps more importantly, venue – whether it’s a blank slate venue where you need to provide absolutely everything, or an already set-up restaurant or function centre with its own stock of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and glassware, and all we need to provide is the sparkle.It’s a similar story for the ceremony – some venues have a pre-set venue location with a backdrop or arbour, chairs for your guests and all we’re doing is finishing it off, others are just open spaces where we need to supply everything.
  • What does 'full service' mean?
    Full service means we put together your styling, deliver, set-up and pack down, usually spending at least a couple of hours – sometimes a couple of days – at the venue making sure everything looks perfect. All you do is show up and get married (or engaged, or celebrate, or launch your newest product – we don’t just do weddings)! You can have us style only a part of your event and still have our full service.This is usually as opposed to dry hire (see below).
  • What is 'dry hire'?
    Dry hire is where you hire an item – or several items – from us. You provide us with a list of what you want from our hire collection and then collect it from our warehouse, or we provide delivery only (as available). You are responsible for all installation and set up and making it look the way you want it to..
  • What is the difference between a wedding stylist and a wedding planner?
    A wedding planner will co-ordinate all your vendors, be their main point of contact and handle all their scheduling on the day. In some cases, they may be the party who engages those vendors, and handle all the contracts and payments, so you only have to pay one person and sign one contract. They’re like your very own wedding PA. A wedding stylist creates the overall look and feel of your wedding. We handle things like table settings, signage, florals, furniture and props (or any combination of the above). While we do often work with other vendors, it’s usually simply to ensure the timing works on the day – for example, if we are styling your cake and dessert table we will co-ordinate delivery times with your cake maker to ensure we are on-site when they deliver. We don’t manage these vendors and are not responsible for their service or products, and beyond the timing on the day, we’re not involved at all in their relationship with you.
  • How do I book with you? What is the process?
    You have two options: If you love our work and want to reserve our services, contact us with your wedding date and we’ll confirm we are available. You can then pay a $625 deposit to secure your date and when your ready, book in for a consultation so we can discuss your styling and put together or a quote for you. Alternatively, you can organise a quote first. Contact us to book in an obligation-free phone consultation with one of our stylists, which we will then use to prepare your personalised quote. If you choose to go ahead, your date is secured with a 25% deposit and the balance is due one month before the wedding. Once you’re booked in, we’re always here to discuss your styling and can make additional and deductions from your quote until three months from your wedding date. You then have until six weeks out to finalise all those tiny details.
  • How far ahead should I book?
    We recommend getting in touch as soon as you have a date and a venue. For dates in peak periods, we are receiving enquiries up to two years out, and peak dates can book out sometimes as far as one year ahead. For full styling, we are very limited in the number of events we can do in one weekend so it’s best to get in early. If your event is sooner, don’t be discouraged! It’s rare for us to completely book out a season and sometimes we end up with last-minute availability on the most unlikely of dates. Contact us to check your date!
  • Why should I book a consultation?
    We’ve found that during the quoting process, a half-hour phone or face-to-face consultation achieves a lot more in a much shorter timeframe than emailing. It also allows you to ask any questions you have and for both you (the client) and us to get a feel for whether we’re a good fit.Once you contact us, we will direct you to our secure online booking system, which will allow to to select a consultation time up to 30 days in advance. We can also accommodate Skype consultations for overseas couples.In the lead-up to your wedding, we’ll keep in touch with you by email so you know exactly where everything is at, and you are always welcome to email us any questions or changes you have. We can also schedule another consultation or even a site visit.
  • How do I pay?
    You can pay by direct deposit, paypal or credit card (over the phone or in person). Once we’ve prepared a quote for you, our online booking system also accepts online credit card payments. A 3% service fee applies for all Paypal and credit card payments. Once your deposit is paid your booking is confirmed and the balance is due four weeks out from your wedding date, but we also accept part payments earlier if you wish to spread out the cost.
  • Why do you ask my budget?
    Budgets are just a fact of wedding planning, and yet there’s such a stigma about what things cost in this industry. We think that makes it really hard to plan, and having an idea of your styling budget means we can point you in the right direction from the beginning. We can make appropriate recommendations and avoid concepts that we know aren’t going to work for you. We can also pick up early on if your vision for your day isn’t going to be realistic, and work with you to find something that is, that you’ll love just as much! We won’t use the information to upsell you, and we pride ourselves on giving the same level of attention and care to our smallest weddings as we give to our largest. We also understand that money can be an emotional topic for some couples, and that budgets aren’t always fixed in stone, but even a rough indication is helpful. But if you are uncomfortable sharing up front, or you don’t know yet, that’s fine too – just leave the question blank.
  • Do you have a minimum spend?
    We have a minimum spend full-service of $2500. The dry-hire minimum spend is $1200 including delivery. Please get in touch to arrange pick-up options.
  • What is the avergae cost of styling?
    This is possibly the hardest question of all to answer accurately! There are so many factors that affect your styling budget. How big is your event? Do you require absolutely everything from the tables and chairs to fairy lights and napkins, or just the finishing touches? How simple or elaborate is your vision? As a guide, our ceremony styling starts at $2000 and full reception styling at $5000, plus florals, but it really does depend on what you need — which is why we offer a full consultation as the first step!
  • What if your quote comes in over my budget?
    During the consultation process, we’ll discuss your budget with you and whether it’s realistic to cover everything you’re after. Our quote will be fully itemised and include all aspects of our service – this makes it easier to see where your costs are and where they could be reduced. We can also include a couple of options for you to choose between.Once we send our a quote, we’re always happy to discuss and offer alternatives but due to our workload we can only make a limited number of changes to a quote before we ask for a deposit and a booking. Once you’re booked in, we’re happy to adjust the scope of your quote up to three months out from your wedding, when we start scheduling and planning for your day.While we’ll always try to meet your budget and offer alternatives, we don’t bargain or price-match against other stylist’s quotes, as it’s impossible to directly compare different quotes.
  • Do you do packages?
    While we know pre-set packages make it easier to budget, often you’re either paying for things you don’t need or having to add in things you do (or both!), and the variations tend to blow costs out anyway. Instead of packages, we offer a full personalised quote for all our full-service events, so you’re getting exactly what you need and you know what it’s going to cost upfront.If you’re on a tight budget and thinking of DIY but don’t know where to start, our DIY Packages might be an option. See our hire page for more details.
  • Do you deliver and set up/pack up?
    For all our full service events, we deliver, set-up and pack-down the following day (or at the end of the night if necessary). Depending on the scale of your event and venue access, sometimes we deliver furniture and set up some items the day before, and then come back in the morning to finish styling and set-up.
  • Do I need to organise bump in/out times with my venue?
    No. We do that all for you, within the scope of the window you’ve booked the venue for! In the two months leading up to your date, we’ll get in touch with your venue and make sure we have enough time to do everything we need to do, and then add that into our schedule.
  • Do we need someone at the venue while you set up?
    No. For our full service events, we will set everything up as discussed prior to the day, and there’s no need for you or anyone from your party to be there. If it’s a DIY venue and you have the keys, we will need someone to let us in at a pre-agreed time and possibly lock up when we’re done, but then we’ll be fine on our own. If anything comes up while we’re setting up and we need to check in with you, we’ll contact the person you’ve designated on your quote.
  • Can you do the florals?
    Yes! We are part of Mala Rose Events with Jade Mcintosh Flowers and we can provide all the florals for your event, including bouquets and buttonholes for your wedding party. We have one team responsible for both florals and styling so you’ll be dealing with the same people right through the process for both. Visit our floral design page for more info.
  • If I dry hire items from another supplier can you set them up?
    This is one service we don’t offer, for a number of reasons. It’s a bit like asking a caterer if you can provide some ingredients that you like and they can just cook them – the end result is probably not going to taste as good as it does in your head.
  • Who will I talk to during my consulation & who will be there on my wedding day?
    For full styling, you’ll usually speak to Jade – she’s our head stylist and the owner of Jade Mcintosh Flowers and White Roses Styling. She will also likely be there on the day, along with a couple of helpers, depending on the scope of your event. For simpler or smaller styling, or events where your focus is florals, you may have a consultation with Claire, our senior florist/stylist. We do try to plan so the stylist you’ve been dealing with will be the one you see on the day. This isn’t always possible, but rest assured that whoever delivers and sets up your event has been fully briefed, is qualified, experienced and professional, and will go above and beyond to make sure you love the end result. We all work as a team and pride ourselves on our internal communication, so while you’ll have one main contact, all of us will be across your event and able to help you with enquiries in the lead-up to your day. Our admin team – Ewa and Jenny – will also be involved in organising delivery times, confirming payments and can help with small changes to your quote or answering questions.
  • What if it rains on my wedding day?
    If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception and the weather is looking dubious, we’ll wait for advice from you or your wedding co-ordinator as to how to proceed on the day. Most of the time the styling we’ve designed will work in a wet-weather venue as well, or can be adapted. For outdoor ceremonies and receptions it’s also worth considering wind – which can make installation difficult, if not dangerous, and makes it harder for flowers to stay put – and heat, especially if you’re having flowers. Even the hardiest of flowers and foliage struggle in extreme sun and on very hot days we can’t guarantee the longevity of outdoor florals. If weather looks like being an issue, we’ll discuss adjustments with you – or your designated contact on the day – and may make recommendations. The final decision is always yours but we can’t be held liable for problems that come up if our advice isn’t taken on board. That said, safety is our highest priority, both the safety of you and your guests, and that of our staff, and we reserve the right to refuse to set up installations or hire items if the environment is deemed to be dangerous due to rain, wind or heat (or anything else).
  • What if there's a problem on the day?
    There’s an old saying about the best-laid plans and it applies to weddings too! Between us we’ve worked on thousands of weddings, so there’s no last-minute glitch we haven’t encountered and had to plan around. It’s part of what we do, and we’ve seen it all, from heatstroke to vomiting to flooding to fires to last-minute panic attacks – the stories we could tell (but never would)… During our initial conversation, and then again closer to the date, we’ll ask you who the best person to contact on the day is – this can be a parent, sibling, or a member of your wedding party, or, if you have one, a venue co-ordinator or wedding planner. This is the person we’ll contact if anything comes up, or if we have to make a tweak to your styling to suit a change in your set-up, or the weather, so make sure it’s someone whose opinion you trust. We do recommend that couples minimise their stress on the day by getting someone else to do this, but if it’s going to stress you out more to not know if we have to make a last-minute change, let us know.
  • Where are you located?
    Our Studio is on Wilson Street, Carrington, about five minutes from the Newcastle CBD.
  • Can you organise stationary & signage?
    Yes. We work with a number of suppliers and can organise your stationery and signage for the day (placecards, menus, seating plans etc.) Alternatively, you can source your own and have it delivered to us at least one week prior to your wedding date and we can set it up on-site for you. Please let us know you are doing this at least six weeks out – if we haven’t allowed set-up on your quote, we may not have time to add it in on the day.
  • Can you work with other florists?
    Yes. If you’ve already got a florist, we’re happy to work with them. We ask that you provide their contact details to us as early in the process as possible, so we can co-ordinate our schedules for the day. We also ask that if you’re doing this, you make sure that you read both our quotes and theirs carefully to make sure nothing is missed or doubled up – for example, so you know who is providing candles, vases and props. Unless arranged at the outset, it is not our responsibility to co-ordinate or manage an external florist.
  • I'm looking for something you don't have, can you source it for me?"
    Absolutely! There are a range of items we don’t keep in stock as it’s not practical for us to do so, but we are happy to source them for you and hire them on your behalf. Alternatively, you can co-ordinate hire yourself from another stylist or hire company. That said, there’s an old saying about cooks and broth that also applies to wedding styling. Every stylist and florist is going to offer something a little bit different, and as much as it can be tempting to pick and choose the best (or, let’s face it, the cheapest) of each, it almost never ends well (or cheaply).It’s absolutely fine if we’re your stylist and you’ve hired a few centrepieces from another company because you absolutely love them and we don’t have anything to match, but anything more than that can get complicated, and we’d recommend against it.
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