How exciting! You have two options –

  1. If you love our work, first check that we have your date available then download the Booking Form. Make sure to fill this out (it’s easy and straightforward, we promise!) and send through immediate payment of $300 to secure our services. We’ll organise a consultation and detailed quote for you after this booking fee has been received. Of course, we’re more than happy to make changes along the way and answer any questions you might have leading up to the day. Major revisions are welcome up to 3 months out. We can tinker with all the finer details up to 6 weeks out too.
  2. Alternatively, you can opt to have a quote done for you first. Just contact us via email to book an obligation-free phone consultation with one of our talented and friendly florists, who will chat with you about all your ideas and then prepare a personalised proposal. When you choose to go ahead, your date can be secured with a 25% booking fee.

For weddings and events in peak periods (February – April and August – November), we’re regularly receiving enquiries up to 18 months ahead – and in some cases more. As we don’t hold dates until a booking fee has been paid, it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment. In other words, consider reaching out as soon as you have secured a date and venue! Once you’ve booked in, there’s still plenty of time to finalise all your beautiful flowers and styling.

Over the years (we’ve been doing this since ’99!), we’ve found that a 30-minute phone consultation can achieve A LOT more in a much shorter timeframe than email communication. A phone/Zoom consult also allows you to ask questions and get a feel for whether we’re a good fit for you.

Arranging a consultation via our secure online booking system is quick and easy, and you can book a time to chat with us up to 30 days in advance. Zoom/Whatsapp consultations are available for those overseas.

The communication doesn’t end here, however. In the lead-up to your event, we’ll keep in touch so you’re consistently updated and know where everything is at. You’re always welcome to email us through questions and requested quote changes as well.

For those looking for a quick solution, we offer a range of customisable Floral Packages too.

We are located in Carrington but do weddings and events throughout all of Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley, and Central Coast. We can and often do travel further afield, particularly up towards Tamworth, but additional delivery and accommodation costs can apply. We’ll gladly give you an estimate on these fees if you really love our work though!

We do! These are all customisable, however, as we appreciate that different couples will have different needs. Its paramount to us that you get everything you want – and nothing you don’t! More information on our packages is available here.

Tricky question! Your set-up can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Our average spend at JMFS is around $7,500 for florals and styling.

For full bespoke florals and styling, we have a minimum spend of $4,000. This can be reached with any combination of bouquets, buttonholes and other personal flowers, ceremony and reception florals, hire of our styling props, and delivery, set-up and recollection costs. It’s very flexible.

If you have a smaller budget, that’s absolutely fine! We just ask that you collect your flowers and styling from our studio in Carrington on the morning of/day before your wedding. There’s no additional cost for this. You may also be interested in our Floral Packages.

We appreciate that nutting out these financial aspects can be really difficult, so we’ve developed a Pricing Guide to give you a rough idea of typical costs at JMFS as well. While there’s a bit of a stigma (though wholly unnecessary!) around budgets, it’s best that we know yours early on so we can point you in the right direction from the very beginning. This allows us to gage how realistic your vision is too. We won’t use the information to upsell you or write you off, but we will work with you to create something that is both feasible and undeniably stunning. We pride ourselves on giving the same level of attention and care to all our lovely couples – irrespective of how much they spend with us.

That said, we understand that money can be an emotional topic and not everyone will be comfortable sharing those details up front. Just leave that question blank on our Booking Form if this is the case for you. No stress!

We have several fully-qualified and very experienced in-house florists who love being involved in all stages of wedding and event planning – from initial consultation through to set-up on the day.

We work as a team and pride ourselves on our internal communication, so while you’ll likely have one main contact, all of us will be across your flowers and styling. Our admin girls will also be heavily involved, organising delivery times, confirming payments, and assisting with small changes to your quote. They’re regularly on hand to answer your questions too.

Although we try to plan so that your main contact/florist will be delivering and setting up your flowers and styling, we’re unable to guarantee this 100% of the time. Please rest assured, however, that whoever is involved in the set-up on your day has been fully briefed and will go above and beyond to make sure you feel truly blown away by the end result. It’s such a joy for us to create something truly personal and memorable.

For those spending $4,000 and above with us, we offer a full delivery, set-up, and recollection service. This includes delivery of your bouquets, buttonholes, and other personal flowers to your designated accommodation, as well as delivery and set-up of your ceremony and reception florals and styling. After your wedding, we also pick up any hire items and dispose of unwanted flowers on your behalf. Depending on the scale of your event and venue access, delivery can be split into the day before (i.e., for furniture) and the day of (i.e., everything else).

And the best part? We liaise with your venue directly and work out all these logistics behind-the-scenes, so you can spend the day focusing on (and enjoying!) all the important things. In the weeks prior, we’ll email through an updated quote with confirmed timings just so you are kept in the loop.

While our 20+ years of collective experience and practice at JMFS has us feeling very confident when it comes to our set-up timings, we also acknowledge that if we do get it wrong, that’s completely on us – you won’t pay more if we take longer than expected, and you’ll get a refund if we take less time than anticipated.

These fees vary depending on location. We’ve outlined typical costs in the JMFS Pricing Guide.

Of course! We just ask that you lock in a day/time with us prior (ideally within the week following your wedding or event). There is no fee for this.

In the unlikely event that any of the items come back dirty or damaged, you will be charged a replacement/repair fee. The same applies should any items go missing. Chasing these up might just be the least favourite part of our job!

It may not be your fault, but returning all of the items in the condition they were provided to you is your responsibility.

Also known as the JMFS Speciality! We spend at least a couple of hours (and sometimes even a couple of days) at your chosen venue making sure everything is perfect. All you have to do is show up and get married – or engaged, or celebrate, or launch your newest product… we don’t just do weddings! You can have us style part of your event and still have this full service, as long as it amounts to a $4,000-or-more spend.

Another thing we love doing at JMFS is finding creative ways to reimagine your ceremony florals and styling in the reception space. At some venues, this could involve transferring a beautiful beam arrangement from the chapel to a fireplace mantle or similarly stunning backdrop after your ‘I dos’. Our minimum fee for repurposing is $360, which includes 3 hours of labour and all the necessary dismantling and reassembling by our team.

As florists, we’re here to ensure that your wedding flowers not only meet but exceed your expectations. We’re responsible for knowing what’s in season and suggesting what will work with your colour palette and budget, making early morning trips to the market to source and carefully transport your gorgeous blooms, and communicating with your other vendors to pull off an unforgettable and cohesive look.

Full styling takes this a few steps further. This is our primary creative passion! From the moment you and your guests set foot in your venue to the time everyone leaves, we know it’s important that your vision or vibe or whatever it is that best reflects you as a couple is executed seamlessly, Our inventory of hire items at JMFS is constantly expanding, with candlesticks, vases, lighting, table linens, furniture, signage, plinths and other styling props to enhance your space – whether it be a blank canvas needing a lot of TLC or an established venue with character that just requires a bit of sparkle. In these instances, consider us the eye for detail that casts the finishing touches on the aesthetic and atmosphere of the event. We design something beautiful and deeply personal essentially from scratch.

This one is styling-adjacent – just with a DIY twist. You provide us with a list of what you want from our hire inventory and then collect it from our studio in Carrington. You’re responsible for set-up and styling of these items on the day as well. In some cases, we can arrange delivery for an additional fee.

This is one service we don’t offer, for a few reasons.

In essence, it’s like giving ingredients to a caterer and asking them to cook up a feast – the end result is probably not going to taste as good as you had hoped for or imagined in your head.

It depends.

For items like place cards and menus, we’re happy to set these up for you. We just ask that you let us know in advance so we can allow for this on your quote. We also kindly ask that you send or deliver the items to our studio in Carrington at least one week prior to your wedding or event. Sometimes we can work with the items if you leave them at your venue, but we need to know exact dimensions and styling requirements well ahead of time.

If you’re supplying something for JMFS to add flowers to, such as arbours or table lanterns, we ask that these be in place at your venue ready for us to set up on the day too.

Most importantly, we ask that you check your quote thoroughly so everything you’re expecting from us is covered. We would never leave without setting up all that you’ve been promised, but we do reserve the right to turn down a last-minute request for additional set-ups if we don’t think we will have enough time (especially during peak periods!).

Absolutely! There are many items that we don’t keep in stock as it’s just not practical for us to do so, but we’re more than happy to source them for you and hire them on your behalf. Alternatively, you’re welcome to coordinate hire yourself from another vendor. That said, please be mindful that every stylist/florist is going to offer something a little bit different so picking and choosing the best from each almost never ends well. It’s fine if we’re your chosen stylist and you’ve decided to hire a few centrepieces from another company because you really love them and we don’t have an item to match, but anything more than this can get complicated.

What would an outdoor wedding or event in Australia be without the mild threat of a little wild weather? Rest assured, we will discuss back-up options with you prior to the day and make some recommendations should this be a likely concern. Sunny days are our favourite for set-ups but even the hardiest of flowers and foliage struggle to survive with temps in the high 30s. Strong wind and rain can also make set-ups difficult, if not dangerous.

The final decision regarding contingency plans is always yours to make, but we can’t be held liable for problems that arise if our advice isn’t taken on board.

Between us, we’ve worked on hundreds – probably thousands – of weddings and events, so there isn’t a last-minute glitch that we haven’t encountered or planned around. It’s part of what we do!

At JMFS, we’ll ask you to designate a go-to contact person for the day. This can be a parent, sibling, friend, wedding planner, or venue coordinator – anyone you trust, really! This way, if we’re forced to make a tweak to your florals or styling to suit a change in your set-up, we’ll have their opinion to help guide us through. If it’s going to stress you out more to be in the dark about any unexpected changes, please let us know and we can inform you as well.

We work closely with a number of wholesalers, who source the freshest local and imported stock. We also order flowers from them specifically for each of our bookings, so no random or wilting spares in the coolroom from the week before!

For best results, we quote flowers that will be in-season at the time of your wedding or event. We are a little at the mercy of Mother Nature, however, and sometimes find ourselves unable to source a particular flower that we have discussed with you. If this does happen, we will always communicate with you in the lead-up to the day and do our absolute best to find the most appropriate replacement.

We can do both these things, but we prefer not to and therefore usually don’t – for good reasons, we promise!

The first rule of wedding and events florals is that no two flowers are exactly alike. This is why they’re so special! This also means, however, that no two bouquets or other flower arrangements are going to be exactly alike, even if we use the same types of flowers in the same colours. As flowers are seasonal, we’re often unable to use the same exact flowers in a trial run too, especially if you’re wanting one months before your wedding day. If you have your heart set on a trial bouquet, we can make this for you so long as you understand the above and are happy to pay the same cost as your bouquet.

Sneak peek pics are tricky as well. We typically recommend against them because flowers – like most things – look different in different lighting and photos can only capture so much. More often that not, we find that they stress our couples more than they relieve them. There’s something to be said for great surprises!

All JMFS quotes are exceptionally detailed and include any visual inspo you’ve sent us along with notes about colours and sometimes images of the flowers themselves. We feel it’s important to give you lots of information so you are as relaxed and confident as possible in the lead up to your wedding.

While we would never let anything leave our studio that we didn’t wholeheartedly think was beautiful and perfectly in keeping with your vision, we are happy to make adjustments for you on the day should you feel they’re not quite right. Our delivery timings are overly generous to allow plenty of time for JMFS florists to show you your flowers properly.

You might encounter this name on our paperwork from time to time. Mala Rose Events is our company and encompasses both Jade McIntosh Flowers and White Roses Styling – we’re the same team.